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Welcome aboard Frank Oliveri & Southern Cross Transit!!

Yet another Queensland operator has decided to join the transportme™ family.  Frank Oliveri and his team at Southern Cross Transit, just west of Brisbane, have seen first hand what we can provide.  Frank is looking to the future, and realises the innovative path we are moving towards.

We are excited to partner with Southern Cross Transit as we install our award winning system into their operation.  Thank you Frank and Southern Cross Transit!


Welcome to the family Emerald Coaches!

Congratulations to Michael Baulch and Emerald Coaches for officially contracting transportme™ for all of their GPS/Ticketing/Reporting requirements.
We look forward to working together as they introduce the transportme™ smartcard system into their operation also.
Thank you Emerald Coaches! 



Welcome to transportme™ Manion’s Coaches! 

transportme™ welcomes Manion’s Coaches to the family.  Manion’s are our first Tasmanian operator to come on board with the system, and we look forward to working with them to help improve their business in any way we can.  Thank you Bernard and the team at Manion’s Coaches!


Welcome aboard Eggins Comfort Coaches Taree!

transportme™ is proud to announce a further operator has discovered the benefits of our system and has contracted us with 14 of their buses for ticketing/gps/reporting. Eggins Comfort Coaches in Taree are excited about their partnership with transportme – we know both they and their customers will not be disappointed as they move into the future with the most innovative and exciting system on the market.  Congratulations to Eggins!

Eggins Coaches


Kingstons Coach Tours … welcome aboard!

transportme™ is proud to announce yet another family company deciding to make the switch and choose transportme™ for their GPS/Ticketing/Reporting system.  Kingstons Tours of Melbourne have discovered the amazing benefits we can offer to their company, as well as the time and cost savings it will generate in the running of their business.  The affordability and technological advancements of what transportme™ can offer were just a couple of the reasons they have opted to contract us.  Congratulations to Don Imrie at Kingstons Tours –  hopefully the first of many more Victorian operators to use transportme™!


Congratulations to Doyles Coaches!

The team at Doyles Coaches in Queensland have decided to come on board with transportme™, and look forward to using our system for GPS, as well as the upcoming smartcard system.

We thank all of the team at Doyles Coaches and look forward to a long lasting partnership.


Emerson Bus Company Have Made the Switch Too!

The team at Emerson Bus Company in Queensland have realised the benefits of transportme™ and have decided to begin the transition in their business to our exciting system.  We look forward to installing transportme™ into their company in the near future..

A big thank you to Emerson Bus Company – and a long lasting partnership to evolve.


New owners of Sawtell Coaches – “Sahdra Bus Lines” – have joined with transportme™!!!

John and Jason have recently completed the acquisition of Sawtell Coaches.  One of their first points of business was to meet with Nigel to discuss transportme™.  After viewing the system and relating what it could do for their business, in terms of cost and time savings, they immediately partnered with us and are looking forward to the new transition from their current ticketing and smartcard system.

So, a further NSW operator will now benefit from the efficient reporting to TfNSW!  This will also mean passengers/parents/school children from Sawtell, and then north of Coffs all the way to Grafton will benefit from the free ‘Transportme Passenger’ app – what a win for the local public!

Thank you Sahdra Bus Lines – we look forward to working together to improve your operation.


BuslinkSA have now contracted transportme™ for their requirements!

The Lucas family bus company have recently discovered the benefits we can offer their business and have opted to contract transportme™ for their services with Buslink SA.

We will be developing the transportme™ system in conjunction with Sam and Andrew Lucas.  In the coming months features such as the Pre-Departure/End of Shift Procedures/Fit4Work, Passenger Lists, and improvements to the transportme™ passenger app will become available through this partnership.

The Buslink SA contract means we are pleased to announce them as our first South Australian customer.  transportme™ is now available in SA, NSW, QLD, TAS and VIC!!!


Hannafords Bus Service have now contracted transportme™ for 15 of their buses!

Geoff Searle and the team at Hannafords have also realised the benefits our company can offer them moving forward into the new contract era.

We are excited to begin work with Hannafords, and look forward to another long lasting partnership with a proud family bus company!!

Congratulations Hannafords Bus Service.


Coffs C.ex contract transportme™ for their Club and Courtesy Buses...

Coffs C.ex CEO John Rafferty, and Operations Manager Jeff Cox have opted to partner with transportme™ for their Courtesy Buses’ GPS and Reporting needs.  The team at C.ex have some exciting development work they wish to undertake with transportme™, and we look forward to a long lasting partnership.

Congratulations Coffs C.ex! 


CR & KA Perry of Temora NSW have joined the transportme™ team!!

Col Perry and his family have also discovered the benefits of what the transportme™ system can offer and have opted to contract us for their services in Temora NSW.

The new TfNSW contracts have ensured a greater amount of reporting is required – and an automated system is the way to go to save time and money – and Col realised this.

We are excited to work alongside Col and Kerrie moving forward into the new contact era – and we are happy to do the same with any other company across Australia – no matter your size or needs!

Congratulations Col, Kerrie and family and thank you!

CR & KA Perry



transportme™ is now officially international!!!

The Go Bus Transport team in New Zealand have officially contracted transportme™, and we look forward to working closely with them to ensure the success of our award winning system!

We look forward to a long lasting partnership with GoBus well into the future.

We thank Go Bus for their commitment to transportme™.


Collins Bus Service contract transportme™ for their Port Macquarie operation...

Allen Collins and his family, after reading about transportme™ and both talking and meeting with Nigel have realised that transportme™ is the way forward for their company.

After signing new TfNSW contracts, Allen and his son Chris needed a system that could cope with new demands, driver compliance and rid them of excess paperwork.

We look forward to working with Collins Bus Service now and well into the future, with our innovative transportme™ system.

Congratulations Allen, Chris and the family and we thank you for the opportunity.


Port Pirie Bus Service and the Kent Group become our second South Australian client!

David Kent and his family, after viewing first hand the benefits of the transportme™ system have pressed ahead and given the green light to contract our award winning system for their company.

After meeting with the family in Port Pirie, Nigel explained the time savings and efficiencies that transportme™ could achieve for both their passenger and schools services.

The team at Port Pirie Bus Service realised that the investment with transportme™ was the way to go - and we look forward to another long lasting relationship with a proud family company.

Congratulations David, Deidre and Jared and the rest of the family, and we thank you for your support.


Stonestreets Coaches partner with transportme™ for their ticketing needs!

Phil Stonestreet and his family company viewed the demo of transportme™ first hand in Toowoomba and were immediately impressed with all of the functionalities it could cover in the one device.

From that point the Stonestreets Company realised the long term benefits of the transportme™ system, including smartcards, ticketing and compliance.

We are excited to begin working with the family owned and operated company, and building yet another strong and long lasting working relationship.

Congratulations and thank you to the team at Stonestreets Coaches!!


Caroline Gardner Bus Service join the transportme™ family..

Caroline Gardner and her family are the latest bus company to discover our many benefits, both cost-wise and contract-wise.  Caroline had heard about our system and made contact with Nigel.

Once she had the opportunity to talk through all of the features we could offer, as well as ticking off many of her reporting concerns, Caroline was happy to make the switch to the transportme™ fold.  

Congratulations and thank you to the team at Caroline Gardner Bus Service!!


Congratulations to Macphersons Coaches for contracting transportme™..

Archie Macpherson and his family company Macphersons Coaches in Tamworth have recently signed up with transportme™ for all of their ticketing/GPS/reporting/driver compliance needs.

Archie met with the transportme™ team at the Australian Bus & Coach Show in Sydney, and was immediately impressed with the system.

From that point, Archie decided to make the leap, and we look forward to seeing his company reap all of the benefits we can offer now and well into the future.

Congratulations and thank you to the team at Macphersons Coaches!


Welcome to the team at Reynolds & Fogarty!

Greg Reynolds and the team at Reynolds & Fogarty in Moree have decided to make the switch and move across to the disruptive system that is transportme™.

Greg met with the transportme™ team at the Australian Bus & Coach Show in Sydney, and realised we could offer his company great value.  After further discussions, Reynolds & Fogarty made the choice to join with us to help them move into a new contracting era.

We are excited for the opportunity to work alongside our new clients, now and well into the future.

Congratulations and thank you to the team at Reynolds & Fogarty!


Culmone's Bus Service partners with transportme™

After an informal meeting with Nigel, Mark and Frank Culmone then discussed the opportunity of working with the transportme™ team to help the Culmone's with their new TfNSW Contracts.

transportme™ were happy to make the trip to Goulburn to sit down with the brothers to discuss their options.  Once they saw first hand the system, and what it could do for their company, they realised the benefits were many - and they made the leap to join with us.

Once again, we are honoured to have another family owned and operated bus company partner with us as we help them achieve their goals in the new contractual era in NSW.  

We look forward to many years of working alongside Mark and Frank.  

Thank you Culmone's Bus Service!


Kangaroo Bus Lines joins the transportme™ family.

After a brief telephone conversation and some emails with Nigel, Darren and Andrea began to learn the possibilities of transportme™ for their tendering for private contracts.

Not long after, we received the email to confirm they were indeed successful, with our system helping a play a small role in securing the contract for Kangaroo Bus Lines.

We now look forward to building a strong partnership with all of the team at Kangaroo Bus Lines for many years.

Thank you Kangaroo Bus Lines!


Yatala Bus & Coach join forces with transportme™

After Trevor from Yatala Bus & Coach in Queensland had been recommended to give transportme™ a call - and after he did, he discovered that we were just what they were looking for.  The Ticketing, GPS, Reporting and Compliance functionalities were exactly what they needed ticked off - and we could do all of this and more at an affordable rate for the team at Yatala Bus & Coach.

We now look forward to yet another long lasting and fruitful partnership with a fabulous company.

Thank you Trevor, Peter, Jim and the team at Yatala Bus & Coach!


Townsend's Bus Travel Contracts transportme™

Tony Townsend and his family company were needing to upgrade their ticketing system - they were looking for a system that was reliable, functional, innovative and affordable.  transportme™ were therefore a perfect fit.

We made the trip down to Renmark, South Australia to visit Tony, Ben and Simon to give a first hand demonstration of our award winning system.

The company were immediately impressed and the rest is history.

We now welcome Townsends Bus Travel to the transportme™ family and look forward on working together to improve their systems.


Buslink Group expands with transportme™ into Broken Hill

The Lucas family have expanded their reach with transportme™, now moving the system into their new acquisition in Broken Hill.

This expansion further cements their belief in transportme™, and we thank them for their continued support.  We look forward to working with the team in Broken Hill to ensure our system is a success for them.


transportme™ moves into the water!

The Stradbroke Flyer Ferry Company have discovered the transportme™ system and have leapt to joining the family. John and Sharon needed to update their ticketing system for Government requirements - so we made a quick trip to Cleveland to give them the run down on our system.  After some brief discussions and demonstration they knew we were what they were looking for - and the rest as they say is history.

Both John and Sharon, and their family, staff and passengers now receive all the benefits we can offer - and we thank them for their faith in our system, transitioning us from land to water!


transportme™ and ComfortDelgro Partner Up!

The team at CDC have now also contracted transportme™ for a specific contract in the Sydney Metro area.  After speaking with the transportme™ team, CDC realised our system would fit perfectly for their needs for a specifically tendered contract - and we were more than happy to help.

We thank the team at CDC and are honoured to work alongside them on this project and hopefully many more well into the future.

Thank you CDC!


Cooma Coaches jumps on board with transportme™

The Cooma Coaches team have opted to contract transportme™ for all of their GPS/Ticketing/Reporting/Driver Compliance in their fleet of vehicles.

‍‍‍Trevor, Chris and Gerri met with transportme™ for a one on one demo of the system and were suitably impressed with what we could offer their business. We look forward to setting up Cooma Coa‍‍‍ches with the most innovative and exciting system in the industry.

Thank you to Cooma Coaches!

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