The patent pending transportme™ smartcard has now completed development.

We have had operators using our innovative smartcard system for 6 months with fabulous results and feedback.

Our smartcards are extremely cost effective, and allow you to keep track of your school students movements through geofencing and reporting.

Coupled with our passenger app, our system is a fantastic selling tool when tendering for private school contracts.

If you are a bus operator wanting to have this ability at the fraction of the cost of other systems – please contact Nigel via email or phone 0403 251 867.

For any person who has either lost or found a transportme™ smartcard,‍‍‍ please click on the link below to notify transportme™ so we can resolve the issue.

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September 2018

transportme™ are pleased to announce our smartcards have yet again evolved.

You can now allow you passengers smartcards to move into a negative balance (allowing them time to top up their funds).  You can control how low this balance can go - and also allow your passengers to receive notifications at a certain point reminding them to top up their card.

Pretty cool hey!


transportme™ are pleased to announce the next stage of the‍‍‍ transportme™ smartcards has begun development.

We will now begin working with our savvy developers to bring the smartcard payment system to all subscribing operators.

This will allow passengers/students to use their smartcard to pay for trips on participating vehicles.  The user can also top up their card with funds direct from the transportme™ passenger app or the online portal.

All funds are deposited direct to the bus operator, and we can allow for many types of fares - including static, dynamic, terms fares and more.

We anticipate the Phase 1 of this exciting development to be completed by early April 2017.

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