“Myself and the the team at ‍‍‍Martin’s Bus & Coach Albury, have trialled transportme™ extensively and have found the system to meet all‍‍‍ of our needs for GPS Tracking, Ticketing and Reporting.  We have now decided after trialling to go ahead and make the switch to transportme™.  We can see that transportme™ is the future for GPS information, ticketing and reporting as we move forward into a new contract era.  Extensive reporting requirements need a system that can both cope and also adapt – transportme™ was the answer for us.

The team at transportme™ have designed a system that is extremely effective and user friendly. Our drivers have found the system to be simple to use, saving them time when issuing tickets and giving them an interface that is visually clear, responsive with touch and also a simple process to learn.

In terms of office and depot feedback – the system is reliable, simple and fast to use.  Our staff have had no problems learning the new system – as the help and guidance that the transportme™ team have given us made the process seamless.  The communication, backup and support from the transportme™ team is second to none.

Having your fleet whereabouts known at the click of a button or glancing at a tablet/TV or smartphone has helped us communicate to staff and members of the public exactly what is happening on the road in real time.  Generating our monthly TfNSW reports is now as simple as a click of the button – no need for downloads or double entry.  It is now headache free.

transportme™ have also indicated that in the near future the consumer version of transportme™ will be available, meaning our customers and parents of school children will be able to track their own buses, which we believe to be a huge benefit.

The affordability of the system was also a big factor in making the switch.  The cost – benefit to eventually move our entire fleet across to transportme™ is a simple choice.

We look forward to the future now we have invested transportme™ in our own company.”

Dave Martin
Martins Albury

“We were‍‍‍ the inaugural operator using the transportme™ system.  When Nigel approached us about installing the system and being the first user, I was excited to do – for when he outlined what the system could achieve, I knew it was a step in the right direction.

Our previous ticketing system was becoming somewhat outdated and was quite limited in its functions – and issues were beginning to creep into the system.  At that point we had not delved into the GPS market due to the cost factor.  To put across a fleet of 32 buses, it was quite an expensive solution – and we were not prepared to outlay the funds in order for what benefits we would achieve.

When Nigel spoke to us about transportme™, and the fact that we could achieve not only ticketing, but also GPS, reporting, fuelling, driver logons, and much much more, we leapt at the opportunity.The cost to put across a larger sized fleet such as our own, was less than 1/3 the price for what it would have cost with other systems out on the market – and it offered twice as much flexibility, options and advancements.  It was a no-brainer for us.

We have now been using transportme™ in our company for just over 2 years – and the time savings we have made, along with the ease of reporting and information we pass on to staff and the public mean that the switch is one we are extremely happy with.  And one of the most pleasing aspects for me – is that the drivers love the system too.  It has made their life easier and they have adopted the change effortlessly – which is a credit to transportme™, as a high percentage of our drivers are between 50-70 years of age – generally meaning many do not adopt technology as easily, and many do not adapt to change easily also.  So, for our drivers to accept it and embrace it, is really a big tick for Nigel and transportme™.

If any operator is toying with the idea of updating or changing their ticketing, GPS, reporting system, or are looking for a product that can link their drivers, buses, depots and the public, transportme™ is the product you have been waiting for”

Jenny Tooth
Ryans Bus Service

“Osborn Bus Service in Muswellbrook originally started looking at updating our ticket machines to transportme™‍‍‍ at the end of 2014 when we were first approached to view a demo of it.

Since making the decision to switch to transportme™ and going “live” in February 2015, we have not looked back. The time savings and benefits that transportme™ have made to our company have been fantastic. We no longer need to spend time downloading and uploading information from ticket machines from numerous buses. It all happens in the background on the CMS which is on the “cloud” so it can be updated from your computer or iPad or anywhere you have the login set up. The monthly TfNSW reports are generated easily and seamlessly and you can get as much or little information as you want as you can set up your preferences.

The GPS tracking data is fast and in real time – meaning we can keep track of our buses on route and relay this information to passengers. It also means that it will pick up where the drivers are at enabling the selling point of your tickets to default from that place.

There are a host of other features that we have found extremely useful, such as the instant messaging to drivers as well as programming future messages to automatically send. Also the fuel record is very easy to use with our drivers liking the ease of it also.

Setting up transportme™ on the CMS was very user friendly, as is changing and updating route and other information. Our drivers have found the ticketing side of transportme™ to be user friendly and easy to use.

The after sales support that Nigel and the transportme™ team offer has been fantastic. That, coupled with the cost effectiveness of transportme™, mean that we are extremely happy we decided to make the switch!”

Melinda Halloran
Osborn Bus Service

‘‍‍‍Kingstons Tours‍‍‍ read about transportme™ through the ABC magazine and were immediately impressed with the system. We contacted Nigel and spoke to him about the product. He was extremely informative and helpful – and we discussed the system further over the phone and through Skype. We could see straight away the benefits that transportme™ could offer our company, and the vision that Nigel had for the product only confirmed our thoughts. We bypassed the trial offer and leapt at the chance to contract transportme™ into our business.

We have now been using for over a month, and have found the transportme™ product and team everything that they promised it would be. The ease of setting up and use is a major benefit, as is the affordability to implement into our fleet.

Kingstons Tours are also excited about future releases to the system, in particular the transportme™ smartcard, and we look forward to utilising this to enjoy further benefits. We highly recommend transportme™, and suggest if you are thinking of purchasing GPS or Ticketing, to speak to Nigel first.”

Don Imrie
Kingstons Tours


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