WE ARE Transportme™

Transportme™ is a patented ticketing, reporting and vehicle tracking software system designed specifically for the Public Passenger and School Bus Market for Operators, Governments and Schools.

Our company is ISO 27001 and 9001 certified, meaning you have peace of mind with your data and quality management, as Transportme™ have ensured we follow best practices to reach this level of certification.

Our software provides real-time visibility of fleet, passenger and student movements, and enables a seamless interface to the operator and office operations via desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Since 2013 our system has been used by over 1,000 schools and bus companies in every state of Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific, across a range of both metro and rural operators.  

We are also contracted by several State Governments, showing that Transportme™ is the most innovative solution to bring Bus Operators into the modern world of Ticketing, GPS, Passenger Tracking, Smartcards and Driver Compliance. 

The system was born and bred by Nigel Tooth a former Passenger and School Bus Operator who understands the particular issues associated with Government contracted public passenger and school bus services and was inspired by the desire to provide greater safety for students and ensure peace of mind for parents.

Unlike other transport systems, Transportme™ does not require the purchase of expensive on-board ticketing machines or other patented hardware.  All that is needed by operators to access data is an iPad, a card reader and the Transportme™ app.

Bus Operators are recommending Transportme™ because:

  • It is affordable 
  • It saves time and money – rids offices of paperwork and time preparing reports
  • Provides management with the tools and information to ensure contractual compliance
  • Ensures driver compliance is up to date

Schools want Transportme™ because it provides them with a range of benefits such as:

  • The ability to track their students buses.
  • Using their own smartcards to reconcile student travel and payments.
  • The ability to create student manifests.
  • Using time and date stamps of student boardings to provide greater accountability.
  • Utilise live alerts for parents and the school.

Parents love Transportme™ as it provides:

  • Free tracking of their child’s bus.
  • The ability to top up their child’s smartcard with funds direct from the app.
  • Receive push notifications if their child’s bus is cancelled or delayed.
  • Ability for live alerts to notify them of their child’s boarding and de-boarding.
Managing Director

Our mission

Transportme™ Mission is to provide our clients with the most innovative and adaptive system on the market, whilst also ensuring it is an affordable solution long term.
Our after sales support and commitment to our clients is our number one objective.

Our Vision

We aim to be the Number 1 solution for Bus Operators across Australia and New Zealand. We intend to be the first choice for bus operators and become long term partners with our clients. Our vision is to then continue our development of our product across all levels of Bus Operations and continue to expand globally.

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Recommended by bus operators

We offer the most affordable solution with GPS live tracking, smartcard, driver compliance, and reporting.

wanted by schools

We offer accountability for schools. With transportme™, schools can track students' buses, reconcile student travel and payment, create student manifests, and live alerts to parents and schools.

loved by parents

We give parents peace of mind when tracking their child on their bus, offering the ability for live alerts when boarding/deboarding, notifications for on time running of services and allowing passengers the simplicity of topping up funds onto their smartcards via the free transportme™ Passenger App.

Who trusts us

Join with the long list of bus operators and schools who have made the leap to the transportme™ solution.


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