Transportme™ has the most flexible and adaptable ticketing solution across Australia and New Zealand.  We can offer multiple ticketing solutions for the one company.

  • Patented Smartcards Ticketing allow for tap on and/or tap on and off ticketing for a multitude of fare types including Free, Static, Dynamic and Term Fares
  • Smartcards assigned to passengers/students allowing for GPS Travel Reports
  • Passenger App for Topping up of Smartcard Funds linked to the Stripe Processing Facility
  • Cash Ticketing linked to Sections/Zones/Flat Fare/Daily/Weekly based tickets
  • Passenger Counting Solution for Non Fare Paying Passengers
  • Driver alerts for passenger Deboarding Stops
  • Auto fare calculation based on GPS location of bus
  • Bluetooth Printer allows for Paper Printed Tickets for Passengers