Schools love us

  • Track their students buses
  • Use their own smartcards to reconcile student travel and payments
  • Create Student Manifests
  • Time & Date Stamps of Student Boardings provides accountability
  • Ability for Live Alerts to Parents and Schools 
  • Use for Regular Travel, Excursions, Sporting Events, Camps, and more

Bus Operators love us

  • The most affordable solution in the market
  • 7 Second Live Tracking of their fleet 
  • Generate live reports at the push of a button
  • Instant & future messages to 1 bus or their entire fleet
  • Drivers can complete their Fit4Work Login, Pre-Departure Checks, End of Shift Checks and Defect Reporting all from the 1 system
  • Complete Ticketing & Smartcard Solution 
  • Duress Alarm
  • Historical GPS Tracking Information
  • Overspeed Alerts
  • Electronic Student Manifest
  • Route Guidance Ability
  • Electronic Work Diary Ability

Parents love us

  • They can track their child's bus for free
  • They can top up their child's smartcard with funds direct from the transportme Passenger App
  • They can receive Push Notifications if their child's bus is on time or delayed
  • Ability for Live Alerts for their child's boarding and de-boarding