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Transportme™ offers the most affordable complete solution to bus operators, schools and parents.


WE ARE Transportme™

Transportme™ is a patented ticketing, reporting and vehicle tracking software system designed specifically for the School and Public Passenger Bus Transport Market.

Our software provides real-time visibility of fleet, passenger and student movements, and enables seamless interface to the operator and office operations via desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Since 2013 our system has been used by over 1,000 schools and bus companies across Australia and New Zealand including a range of both metro and rural operators in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania, Western Australia and New Zealand.

Transportme™ is the most innovative solution to bring bus operators into the modern world of Ticketing, GPS, Passenger Tracking, Smartcards and Driver Compliance...[Read more]

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Transportme™ presents in almost all states of Australia and our footprint also extends into New Zealand and the South Pacific.

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We offer the most affordable solution with GPS live tracking, smartcard, driver compliance, and reporting.


We offer accountability for schools. With transportme™, schools can track students' buses, reconcile student travel and payment, create student manifests, and live alerts to parents and schools.


We give parents peace of mind when tracking their child on their bus, offering the ability for live alerts when boarding/deboarding, notifications for on time running of services and allowing passengers the simplicity of topping up funds onto their smartcards via the free transportme™ Passenger App.

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Join with the long list of bus operators and schools who have made the leap to the transportme™ solution.


Transportme™ are pleased to announce that we have executed a major contract with the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR).

We have now been officially contracted to implement the rollout of our Ticketing and Tracking Solution for all Rural and Regional School Buses across Queensland - totalling approximately 1200 vehicles.

The transportme™ solution will be utilised by 460 bus companies across Queensland, with 85,000 STAS eligible school students and 30,000 non STAS eligible school students tapping on and off with contactless SmartCards. This will allow significant safety improvements for both students and their families - allowing for contactless SmartCard usage for recording of patronage and payment of fares and real time tracking of the students and their school vehicles.

As well as providing a state of the art system for students - the transportme™ solution will also allow for public passengers to tap and pay with contactless credit cards and SmartCards to pay for bus fares across the network.

The contract will allow for a partnership approach between transportme™ and TMR, and we look forward to working closely with their team to ensure our solution achieves all of their goals and necessary outcomes.

Thank you to the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads for the opportunity to work with your team and we look forward to the impending rollout.