Transportme™ ensures your drivers are compliant when logging in and out of our patented system.  Through linking our Driver App to the transportme™ Web Portal, management have full transparency and accountability of staff via our reporting suite.

  • Driver Pre-Departure Checks, End of Shift Checks and Fit4Work Statements - all reportable and auditable
  • Driver Defect Reporting and alerts to Operations Manager, Workshop Manager and Driver
  • Bus Defect Picture allows the driver to mark faults/damage on a bus picture which is then emailed to Operations Manager, Workshop Manager and Driver
  • Duress Alarms - automatically starts video and sound recording of iPad and send text messages to pre-determined management staff
  • Overspeed Logs - set a speed limit on specific routes to receive notifications in reports if vehicle exceeds speed limit
  • Electronic Work Diary (in progress) - therefore negating the need for paper Log Books