Transportme™ introduces the No.1 Choice to ensure No Child is Left on Your Bus.
Through the consultation with some of the largest operators and schools in Australia, our development team have now introduced the only Clear of Bus Check System that is in constant communication with not only the driver but also management.
One of the main faults or weaknesses of many clear of bus checks is that it solely relies on the driver performing the check and also relies on the driver having to use a device - and we should not be requiring a driver to use a device to complete a check!  
That's a variable that can cause a problem.
The transportme™ System simply requires the driver to walk to the rear to retrieve a generated PIN Code.  And our system will make sure specific management personnel know if the clear of bus check has not been performed due to a series of flags and protocols built into our innovative system.  This means management can notify a driver to check the bus, or get to the vehicle themselves.
All of this information is sent to your online Portal to record these checks for future reference and will ensure your drivers have completed this vital part of their end of shift procedure.
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