Please contact the Bus Operator or School that issued you with the smartcard. Unfortunately the transportme™ Team does not keep usernames and passwords.

transportme™ uses our patented and patent pending iOS app, allowing an iPad Mini to be used as a ticketing machine. The information such as driver logins, routes, ticket types, fares, buses, reports, driver compliance and so forth are all generated in your Content Management System (CMS) Therefore, every ticket machine will have every piece of information sent over the cloud each time the transportme™ app is opened. This ensures all information is completely up to date at all times.

No. Each and every time your drivers close their route, the information is sent over the cloud to your CMS. You never have to go to the bus or the iPad to download the information. Simple as that! This means your reports can be generated quickly and will always be current.

transportme™ opted to use Apple iPads to ensure there can only be 1 type of tablet used as a ticket machine. This will reduce any bug issues, confusion with systems, and to ensure the team at transportme™ knows exactly what every contracted operator is using.

transportme™ uses our exclusively distributed thermal printer that connects to the iPad via bluetooth. This will then print tickets for your passengers, and also doubles as a smartcard reader! Hence, if you ever decided to upgrade to the patented and patent pending transportme™ smartcards, you do not need to buy any further equipment.

transportme™ can cover your reporting needs – at the press of a button. You do not need to spend hours generating reports. Multiple depots and buses are all linked into the one CMS – meaning you never have to download information from a specific bus in another location hundreds of kilometres away. It all happens automatically, every day. Our GPS location system is in real-time....all the time. Not every 10 minutes, not every 5 minutes, not every minute. We can tell you where your vehicle is within 7 seconds of its location – at all times! Try and find a system that can beat that. Oh...and by the way, we can also give this GPS information to your Passengers/Parents/School Children/Customers. They can download the free ‘Transportme Passenger’ app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store and track your vehicle in real-time, all for free! Our ticketing system is one of the most advanced and adaptable systems on the market. We have designed transportme™ to be simple to use by the most important people in your business – your drivers! Having such features as auto GPS locations, popular destinations, highly visible screens for both day and night time, passenger alighting alerts and a simple yet effective transaction layout – all mean the drivers of your vehicles will love using transportme™. We give you many more features that you can opt to subscribe to - so please ask us for more information on these when making contact. Unlike other systems on the market, we dont have 1 or 2 developers working for us - we have a team of over 20 developers working around the clock, bringing in new features, fantastic innovations, and ensure we keep well ahead of any other system on the market. What this means for our clients is customised developments that actually work, and can be achieved in realistic time frames - just some of the reasons why companies are opting to choose us! transportme™ is an ever evolving system. For that reason, you can tell us features you would like to see -and chances are, we can do it.

We have been using transportme™ originally with Ryans Bus Service since 2013 and from 2016 with Forest Coach Lines without issue. During that time we have generated monthly reports to Transport for NSW effortlessly and faultlessly. Plus, we can adapt to any states’ reporting requirements. transportme™ now has around 700 vehicles contracted to our system, with over 60 companies contracted to the benchmark system of the Bus Industry, servicing around 1000 schools, and running thousands of routes a day around Australia and even New Zealand. Your CMS is securely serviced by Amazon Web Services (AWS), one of the best in the business – hence your data and information is safe and secure. Please click on our 'Security and T&C's' link for further info.

No, it isn’t. transportme™ is approximately 1/3 the cost of traditional ticketing and GPS systems. You are required to pay a one-off app/software purchase fee. This fee is dependant on several factors, and we will provide you with a quote for this. This fee will cover your set up costs – as we can perform this via email/Skype/online meetings from our offices. You then have the cost of your iPad Mini. This is generally between $300 - $750, however there are several ways you can purchase these (including leasing) – and Telstra sometimes offer them as part of a contract. We DO NOT charge a yearly support and maintenance fee. You are required to pay a monthly subscription fee which covers all your GPS/Ticketing/Cloud/Reporting costs. This fee is dependant on the number of buses you are contracting transportme™ with. Please remember, with transportme™ not only are you receiving a GPS/Ticketing/Reporting/Driver Compliance system, but one that can give you instant and future messaging to all of your fleet, driver logins & compliance, the ability to use smartcards without the financial burden of purchasing extra infrastructure, paperless driver manuals, the ability to bridge your various systems and all of the normal benefits an iPad can offer. transportme™ also offer companies customised developments, specific apps - such as 'On Demand Service' Apps, Private School and Special School Service features to allow for marking on and off of students and much more.