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If you are a Smartcard holder and have forgotten your Smartcard login details, please contact the issuing operator for the information.

The transportme™ Passenger app is one of the most advanced passenger tracking and Smartcard payment systems on the market.

Our free app allows your schools, passengers, school students, parents and carers to track your vehicles in real time to within 10 seconds of its location.

Our Passenger App was the first of its kind in rural and regional Australia, allowing for improved safety and visibility for the public on both school and passenger services. No longer did the travelling public have to guess if their bus was on time or delayed - they could log in and watch their bus travelling along the map.

Our 2021 released app version allows for a Premium Version for only $2.49 per month - giving parents/carers/passengers the ability to receive notifications for Smartcard users that do or do not tap on and off.

As well as this, we have upgraded our app to allow for Auto Top Up amounts and levels for Smartcards too! And you can set an Operator as a favourite and receive updates from them on interruptions if they choose to do so.

We also allow the public to set a stop as their favourite and receive a free push notification letting them know if it is on time or has been delayed. How cool is that!

For those passengers who use the transportme™ Smartcard, they can also register their card through the app and add funds via the Stripe Payment Processing Facility.

What a safe, simple and secure way to top up your Smartcard, without the hassle of having to look for cash to pay for your bus trip. Just like they do in the city - except you don't need to go to a kiosk with transportme™ to top up your card!

When you are tracking your vehicle you can also see if it is a wheelchair accessible vehicle and if it is air-conditioned (if your bus operator uses this feature).

Please read our Transportme Passenger Application Terms and Conditions in full before using our Application.

Please refer to Transportme Passenger app user manual guide  for instructions on how to use the app.

For any immediate questions or comments, contact your Bus Operator or other Delivery Partner directly.