October 27, 2021 - By :


Transportme™ are excited to announce two Australian first developments have been released with our solution.
The first is the ability for Operators to send notifications direct to their Passengers via the transportme™ Passenger App.  This ability allows for a direct line of communication to the travelling public, and is an amazing safety initiative.  Operators can now directly notify passengers and even to specific routes with any live information such as delays, road closures, safety hazards and more.  This is yet again another first for the Australian Bus Industry and shows why we are the market leaders in our space.
The second is the Driver and Vehicle Handbook.  This development provides management with the tools to be able to load and deploy Driver and Vehicle Handbooks electronically across to their staff and fleet of vehicles.  This brilliant development will save thousands of dollars and reams of paper yearly for Bus Operators across Australia and New Zealand.  This system also ensures drivers are required to state they have read any updates and is all reportable within the Operators CMS of transportme™.
Two reasons why transportme™ are the No.1 Solution for the Bus Industry of Australia and New Zealand.

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